Grow Your Own Hemp – Part 1

Grow Hemp

So, you’ve heard of the immense benefits of consuming raw hemp flower buds in your daily routine. You have seen the power of this miracle plant and you want to grow your own hemp for you and your family. Don’t worry, if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow your own hemp.  

Just like with everything, with repetition, you’ll get better and better.  Growing hemp is my favorite way to relax and be connected with nature.  I’m so glad you’ve decided to become a hemp farmer, too.  This miracle plant is so good for our bodies, the soil, our air and the good of the planet. As Jack Herer said…

“Hemp may not save the world, but it’s the only thing that can.”

grow your own hemp

The first thing you need to do to grow your own hemp is find some certified hemp seeds (less than .3% THC by looking at a Certificate of Analysis).  When you place an order with us at we will throw in 6 hemp seeds for free, just ask for them in the notes at checkout.

Once you have received your hemp seeds, the 1st thing you want to do is get a cup of water (I prefer Fiji or reverse-osmosis water).  Then put your seeds in the cup and put them in a dark, cool area like a cupboard for 24 to 48 hours.

Grow Your Own Hemp

Once the little white taproot starts to appear you can now grab some tweezers (sterilized with rubbing alcohol) and pick the seed out of the cup and place it in your moist soil.   You gently place the tap root down into the ground about a 1/4 of an inch.  Just barely enough dirt should cover the seed so you don’t see it.  

And that’s it! Your journey to grow your own hemp has begun!  Read Part 2 once the seedling starts to sprout out of the ground.

Happy Hemping,


Justin Benton

About the Author

Justin Benton is the co-founder of 101 Hemp Corporation. He is often found tending his hemp plants, chasing a little white ball on the golf course, and passionately dedicating his time to the 101 Hemp mission to heal the world, one family at a time.


About Mollie & her Family

Mollie Benton is the co-founder of 101 Hemp and freelance writer for the 101 Hemp blog. She enjoys running on the beach with her two Labs, adventuring with her hubby and three kids, and devoting her life to healing the world.