Hoban Law Group Lunch and Learn Talking CBDa and Autism and More – Part 2

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Watch this informative and entertaining Lunch and Learn with senior attorney Patrick Goggin from the Hoban Law Group and 101 Hemp CEO, Justin Benton, as they dive into a variety of current issues including CBDa and Autism, the importance of COAs, USDA regulations and more.

Justin reports from the sunny shores of Ventura, California as he gives a brief history of 101 Hemp and the use of raw, whole plant hemp CBDa to remove the symptoms of autism from their son. That success led Justin and wife Mollie to use the same raw, whole plant, CBDa products in the creation of 101 Hemp.

CBDa and Autism

The summary of the success of raw hemp CBDa with autism is available in the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine at this link: 

Positive Autism Intervention With Cannabidiol: A Case Study

With the backing of published research and a long history of successful uses of the whole plant, raw CBDa oil with a variety of customers concerns, 101 Hemp has continued to expand with more locations and even more loyal customers. CEO Justin and the 101 Hemp staff are passionate and committed to paying it forward to as many people as can be reached in gratefulness to this miracle plant in their lives.

With the extra stresses of 2020 including closing of businesses and schools, job losses, and fears related to COVID-19, 101 Hemp’s Chill-X sublingual oil has been in high demand from customers reporting relief from stress and assistance with a good night’s sleep.


The business model for many CBD companies in 2020 includes increased online sales, making it more important for consumers to get the facts before they make their CBD purchases. Beyond customer ratings and testimonials, it is vital to review a CBD company’s Certificates of Analysis or COA’s.

COA’s are the product test results from third-party independent labs, and provide assurance there are no unwanted substances like pesticides or heavy metals in the products. COA’s also confirm that product amounts listed on the label are accurate.  COA results for 101 Hemp are available on the website and with the QR code on every product label.

Patrick and his legal team at Hoban Law Group have invested much time and energy in California educating legislators and pushing to get regulations passed that would legalize hemp extracts in foods and beverages and allow CBD to be sold as a dietary supplement. The proposed California law, 2028, would also establish labeling and safety guidelines.

Patrick reports many other areas have already been successful in passing these regulations for consumer protection and safety. The law in California has not been passed yet, partly because of all the issues involved, but also with legislative focus on the pandemic and wild fires. 


Both Justin and Patrick stress it is time to stop demonizing the hemp, now a legal agricultural product under the USDA. It is past time to allow the farmers, processors, and consumers to receive the benefits of this miracle plant and allow researchers to continue to develop hemp extracts, foods, wood, plastics, clothing, and biofuels.

We at 101 Hemp are thankful to Patrick for sharing his insight on the wide range of topics discussed in this Hoban Law Group Lunch and Learn. We are also grateful for the ongoing legal leadership and support they provide to not only 101 Hemp, but to the entire industry. In closing, the words of hemp pioneer Jack Herer:

I don’t know if hemp is going to save the world, but it’s the only thing that can.


About the Author

Janet Benton Gaillard, Ed.S, has worked professionally with children and adults with autism and a range of disabilities in educational, residential, and vocational settings. She is a certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has focused on holistic solutions for health for many years. Her current writing focuses on applying her research on the benefits of holistic hemp products such as raw, whole plant CBDa with organic ingredients to autism and a range of other challenges.


About Mollie & her Family

Mollie Benton is the co-founder of 101 Hemp and freelance writer for the 101 Hemp blog. She enjoys running on the beach with her two Labs, adventuring with her hubby and three kids, and devoting her life to healing the world.