Using CBD to Recharge: How Parents and Caregivers Recharge Themselves When Feeling Depleted

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought various challenges to many people across the globe. It’s a fact that almost everyone has been dealing with the threat of the virus and the series of consequences for the last two years of global crisis and uncertainty. Undoubtedly, parents and caregivers are no exemption. The challenges they have faced being the responsible parties in this uncertain time has offered innumerable challenges and has wreaked havoc on their mental state and physical/emotional wellbeing. Among the bounce-back methods listed below, using CBD to recharge your system and get back on track has been one of the most effective tools.

The pandemic snuck up on us so no one was able to prepare and be ready for what unfolded, resulting in frustration, anxiety, and even depression. As a consequence, we are left in depletion, making it hard to move forward and do the things we need to do. Parents and caregivers have a much heavier burden on their shoulders as they constantly play various roles and responsibilities within their space. In addition to their caregiver role, they may be company employees, school teachers, leaders, chefs, waitresses, and many more. The amount of pressure these people are under is immeasurable so the importance of establishing tools to cope is key to surviving the pandemic. Here are some effective ways to recharge yourself and regain your strength and sanity in this uncertain time. 

Embracing Self-Compassion

During the pandemic and when the multiple lockdowns occurred in different parts of the world, you may not have noticed, but most parents and caregivers received so much pressure with all of their responsibilities. As their roles asked them to perform, they always needed to have a do-it-all attitude. Even if they don’t want to do it, or they find it so hard to get things done, they’ve been left with a virtue of no choice. It seems like they don’t have any options to back out and say no. It’s because they are fully aware of their responsibilities and what they need to provide. 

The reality is that, often times, one person just can’t do it all and people are finding this to be true as responsibilities pile up. We become hard on ourselves when we are no longer able to check the boxes we used to check, when we find ourselves doing many things adequately and not excelling at any one thing, as we used to. So, in times like these, self-compassion plays a significant role in attending to your fear of failing or coming up short with what was asked of you. We all know that nobody’s perfect, though it’s easy to be harder on yourself than you are on others. That’s why as you go along with your role as a parent or a caregiver, you have to embrace self-compassion and realize that “coming up short” is simply a part of being human. Shifting your mindset when you have a negative thought about yourself is a simple way to get started. Talk to yourself in a kind way, pretend you are speaking to a child you love when you speak to yourself. You deserve this love just like any child in your life!

Slowing Down Makes Your World So Much Better

You may all know parents and caregivers seem to have a never-ending list of tasks or chores they need to accomplish on time. Obviously, it’s something that can significantly cause them to experience so much stress and deal with the consequences of pure depletion. Worse, they may end up noticing that they keep pushing themselves too hard without recognizing the particular need to fulfill at the end of the day. 

So, if you feel like your space seems to move so fast that you can’t even cope with it, all you need to do is simply slow down. Pause if needed. Allow yourself to breathe, to be still. You might be dealing with so many things around you as a parent or a caregiver, but everything can wait for a few minutes, or even a day. It’s a precious time that you need to enjoy, relax, and recharge yourself to regain the strength you’ve lost. 

Have you noticed that when you’re speeding through the day, attempting to do your chores at warp speed, you tend to make more mistakes? One good thing about you slowing down is becoming more attentive to details. You’ll then become precise with your action because you want to avoid making errors as much as possible. On top of that, it’s also one of the best ways you can do to avoid burnout and deal with any consequences from pure depletion. So the next time you take a shower, have a cup of coffee or tea, eat your meals, take your time to finish them. Allow yourself to focus on what you’re doing and enjoy every moment of it. Always remember that slowing down will make your world so much better. 

Self Care

If you are able to establish a habit of extending compassion to yourself as a parent or a caregiver and observe the practice of slowing down to tap into your needs, you’ll be on your way to engaging yourself in self-care. As a caregiver, your duty is to take care of others, which often leads to forgetting to take care of #1. Yes, you. At some point, this model is unsustainable. Finding ways to exercise self care is key to thriving during this pandemic. Everyone is different so finding your particular way to self soothe is important. Whether it’s taking a bike ride, soaking in a bubble bath, getting your nails done, having dinner with a friend, taking a walk on the beach, sleeping in, reading a book, the possibilities are endless. But you have to choose to make yourself a priority when it’s so easy to push your needs to the bottom of the pile.

Don’t feel guilty when you engage in self care! When you feel taken care of, it will show in everything you do. You will be kinder with others, you will have more patience, you will have less resentments and be more grateful for the people and things in your life. It all starts with self care because when you’re depleted, everyone around you feels it.

Using CBD to Recharge

Stress is one of the factors that significantly affect the quality of life. So, the more your life becomes stressful, the more you also become unhealthy. In fact, stress may lead you towards getting depleted and even suffer from possible anxiety, frustration, and, worse, depression. With that, many people today, especially those parents and caregivers from different parts of the world, choose to explore the wonder of CBD products. It usually starts with their simple interest in finding something natural without side effects and eventually leads them to explore the benefits of these hemp-derived products. 

Using CBD to recharge is not a new concept. We have been using it for thousands of years to maintain a healthy body with balanced systems. We used to feed hemp to our livestock and benefit from it when we ate meat. We ate the leaves, munched on hemp seeds, and benefited from it on a daily basis without much thought. Due to the reemergence of hemp and hemp-based products after decades of prohibition, people are finding innumerable benefits from incorporating it into their daily regimen, once again.

Studies show that CBD can aid in managing everyday stress. It provides a sense of calm in the body and mind, one caretakers and parents need, especially during these challenging times. Since products high in CBD (i.e. low or no THC present) have no “high” associated with them, the health benefits come without the feeling of being stoned.

CBD continues to increase in popularity, and experienced consumers now realize the immense benefits of raw CBDa. Raw CBDa can be up to 1000 times more effective than CBD alone. So, when using CBD to recharge, make sure to try a product high in CBDa so you can get the most out of the plant, as nature intended.


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