Cook With CBD: 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet With CBD

CBD 101 Cooking

Did you know that you can cook with CBD oil? Did you know that incorporating CBD oil into your daily recipes can give you the same benefits as taking CBD oil on its own?

Before you try and deep fry some CBD chicken (with one prominent herb and some spices), let us give you some tips on some of the uses of hemp oil in the kitchen.

1) Use small amounts.

CBD oil is powerful, so you don’t need to use a whole pot of it when cooking. Use the dosage recommended on our bottles and add them to your meals, rather than dumping an entire bottle into your favorite recipe all at once. CBD oil is best used daily, so multiplying your dosage by 10 isn’t necessarily going to multiply your benefits by the same amount.

2) Add CBD to other oils.

CBD is fat soluble, so adding it to another healthy oil, like olive oil, avocado oil, etc. won’t affect its potency. In fact, taking CBD with a healthy source of fat actually improves its absorption rate, as the body requires some fat to absorb it effectively. Taking your CBD oil with food can be one way to make sure you’re combining it with sources of fat. We like to take our CBD oil in the morning with a side of avocado toast. The avocado has plenty of fat to help our CBD work its way into our system and the toast has plenty of crunch to make it delicious.

3) Use low heat.

CBD is a delicate compound and exposing it to high heat can alter or degrade it. If you choose to use CBD oil in the kitchen, you should avoid exposing it directly to high heat. Instead of using CBD oil to lubricate the bottom of a frying pan, try using it to finish dishes, such as pasta, steaks, or sauces. A small amount of organic hemp oil added to a dish at the very end of cooking will maintain its flavor and all of its anti-inflammatory power.

4) Try a CBD salad.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate oral CBD into our diet is by using it in a vinaigrette or salad dressing. Combining 5 mL of CBD oil with a little olive oil and lemon juice makes a salad dressing with a powerful flavor, not to mention immune support. One of the reasons we like our CBD vinaigrette so much is that the natural herbaceousness of the hemp oil reinforces the flavors of our favorite greens and veggies.

5) Try a CBD drink.

We don’t have to treat CBD like a cooking oil, it’s great in beverages too. Whereas canola oil isn’t exactly welcome in our morning brew, using a little CBD for our morning coffee helps us start the day free from stress and anxiety. CBD also goes great in mint or chamomile tea around bedtime. Combining our Chill X sublingual CBDa oil with the calming effects of these herbal teas puts us into a deep state of relaxation that helps us get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Many users report that it helps them beat insomnia caused by stress, anxiety, or too much time spent on our phones before bed.

6) Make CBD desserts.

One of the best ways to relax after a bad day is to sit down at home with a sweet treat, some tea, and a good book. Why not take your treat to the next level with hemp oil? We love to add a little CBD oil to our favorite muffin recipe. The individual portions make it easy. Simply add your dose of CBD to each individual muffin tin to ensure that you get the full dose by the time you finish your treat. The gentle heat from baking will not interfere with the potency of your CBD.

7) Try CBD whipped cream.

Another versatile way to dress up any dish is with CBD whipped cream. Simply add an appropriate dosage of CBD oil to your cream and whip it as normal. Whipping your cream without sugar makes it a fantastic addition to savory dishes. You can combine the cream with fresh herbs, like rosemary, tarragon, sage, or chives, and spoon it over steak, salmon, or goulash. This savory CBD cream adds an incredible depth of flavor. Many people swear by it for boosting the immune system and fighting off inflammation.

For sweet dishes, you can add sugar to your whipped cream and use it on ice cream sundaes, hot chocolate, pie, and more. A little CBD cream on a slice of apple pie is a perfect way to end a meal, as long as you’re okay with a postprandial snooze, because the CBD relaxation is real.

Many scientific studies show that CBD improves moderate to severe pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms, and when you cook with CBD your meals ends up being a simple, tasty way to get your daily dose. It’s widely versatile in the kitchen. The only limit is your imagination.

If you’re interested in trying CBD, but don’t know where to start, our free Solution Finder Quiz will match you with a product that fits your needs.


As you may not have known, you could get the same benefits from consuming CBD oil as you would from ingestion of it alone. Before you attempt to deep fry some CBD chicken (with one prominent herb and other spices), keep reading to discover some guidance on some uses for hemp oil in the kitchen.7 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet With CBD Infographic


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