Three Things you Should Know about a Raw CBD Roll-On

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Pain: It’s part of being human. Dealing with pain and discomfort is a side effect of life. We have come to accept that it’s just how things are—but what if there is a better way? In walks….the Raw CBD Roll-On!

The legalization of hemp-based CBDA (Raw CBD) has revolutionized how we seek relief, potentially giving us a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relief. While the market is hot with a variety of CBDA and CBD products, if you are turning to CBDA to find relief in your muscles and joints, a CBD pain relief roll-on might be the perfect solution for you.

Published Studies have shown that CBD can have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects with animals, but more research with people is needed to make product claims with certainty. This means that many people have found that it provides relief and soothes inflammation.

When CBD is used topically in an area of concern, it is absorbed into your skin and can work with the receptors just for CBD and CBDA there. A Raw CBD Roll-On does just that, placing the product directly onto your skin without any mess and allowing your body to absorb it directly through your skin and into the local area.

CBDA roll-ons can be found in various formulations, so it’s good to know which one will work best for you. They generally contain CBD or CBDA oil combined with any variety of coconut oil, hemp oil, and essential oils. They can be formulated to have either a warm or cool sensation to soothe your sore muscles. They are also available infused with essential oils to have either an energizing or calming effect. At 101Hemp, our research and customer feedback support using our 1250mg roll-on with only cold-processed, organic ingredients including CBDA in a base of hemp oil and other ingredients for the best customer experience.

A roll-on is a great on-the-go solution that you can toss in your bag and take anywhere, and as an added bonus, the roller ball will give you a nice, light, soothing massage as you apply it. If you think a CBDA roll-on is the ideal solution for you, here are three tips that will help maximize your results.

1. Know Where to Apply.

Knowing where to apply your CBD roll-on is key to getting good results. Where you apply will vary depending on what you would like to achieve in your area of concern..

    • Specific Pain. If you have a specific part of your body you would like to target, apply the CBDA roll-on directly to the skin at the site of discomfort. But be aware that pain isn’t always simple. We often experience “referred pain,” where a part of our body is injured or holding tension, and the pain manifests elsewhere. For example, if your lower back pain comes from tight muscles from overuse, try the roll-on. If the back pain is related to your sciatic or other nerves deeper in the body, then try a sublingual oil. If the headache you are struggling with is the result of neck tension, then use the roll-on in that area. If you don’t see the results you want with the CBDA roll-on the problem may not be that local area so then, try the 101Hemp sublingual oil to address the possibility of referred pain or other issues deeper in the body.
    • General Relief. For more wide-spread concerns that go beyond one area of you body, then consider a sublingual oil that goes under the tongue and into more areas of the body. For more general, full-body relief, it may be helpful to apply the roller to your pressure and pulse points. If this isn’t something you are familiar with yet, you can try applying the oil to the top of your hand, thumb web, bicep, behind your ear, the back of your neck, ankles, above the knee, or your forearms.
    • Many people use a Raw CBD Roll-On for anxiety relief. For this application, apply the roll-on to your neck and wrists.

2. Find the Correct Dosage.

Your CBDA roll-on packaging should contain information about the strength of the product by listing how many milligrams of CBDA//CBD it contains. Directions for roll-ons are general and include applying to your desired area. The amount needed and frequency of use can vary for each person.

The best practice is to start by applying the minimum amount and build up slowly until you achieve the desired relief. Keep in mind that the effects are not immediate. It can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes to feel the product working.

The 101Hemp label includes all ingredients, plus a QR code. The QR code links you to the COA or Certificate of Analysis testing to show exactly how much CBDA and other cannabinoids are in the product. This helps you know you are getting what the label lists. The COA also lets you know there is nothing unwanted like solvents or mold. And the COA also has a re-order link!

3. Have Realistic Expectations.

It’s important to understand what CBDA can and can’t do for you. Raw CBD roll-ons are for local issues and are not meant to help with internal or complex issues. But it has been shown to be helpful for everyday pain (in the muscles and joints) and inflammation.

Here are some hints to make using your new roll-on more user-friendly. First, consider doing a patch test of the product to see how you react. CBDA isn’t known to irritate the skin when applied topically, especially the 101Hemp roll-on with cold-processed and organic ingredients. Second, always wipe your skin clean before use to keep the roller and the product free of any impurities that it might pick up from your skin. Third, like all the cold-processed 101Hemp products, it is best to store the roll-on in a cool place out of sunlight to maintain the best benefits.

Now you are on the road to using natural hemp products natural relief of everyday pain with CBDA, the world of possibilities is endless. There are many products available at 101Hemp. to help you achieve the results you want. It may take some experimenting to zero in on the perfect solution for you, but once you find what works, it will be well worth the journey.


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