The History of Hemp – How The Miracle Plant Has Been Helping Us For Thousands Of Years

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Unveiling the History of Hemp/Cannabis

Cannabis or Hemp, also known as the Miracle Plant, has been a topic of discussion and controversy for centuries. 

In the Miracle Plant podcast we delve into the rich history and potential of this plant, shedding light on its healing properties and its role in ancient civilizations.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of using the whole plant, just as nature intended. By cold pressing the plant, when done correctly it transforms into a powerful honey-like substance. This method preserves the plant’s full potential and ensures maximum effectiveness.

Throughout the history of hemp, there is a long-standing connection between humans and cannabis. Biblical scholars have written about cannabis as a sacrament, with references to its use in religious rites and as an ingredient in holy anointing oil. 

Ethnobotanist Christian Ratch describes hemp as a sacred plant that has been revered for generations.

The groundbreaking research of Chris Bennett, whose new book Cannabis, Lost Sacrament of the Ancient World explores the historical significance of cannabis. From its nutritious seeds to its versatile fibers, cannabis has played a vital role in human existence for tens of thousands of years.

In the Miracle Plant podcast we further explore the use of cannabis as medicine. Prehistoric evidence suggests that our ancestors may have ingested cannabis to combat parasites. Ancient pharmacopeias, such as China’s Shennong Ben Cao Jing, contain references to cannabis medicine dating back 8,000 years. We also highlight archaeological findings that support the ritual use of cannabis in ancient Israel dating back to 3500 BC.

Justin Benton expresses his frustration with Western medicine’s approach to cannabis and pharmaceutical pills in general, which often isolates a single compound, such as CBD in the case of the Miracle Plant Hemp/Cannabis, and disregards the plant’s full potential. 

Justin Benton advocates for consuming the whole plant, as it contains a complex array of plant constituents that work synergistically to promote healing.

We also emphasize the importance of understanding the history of hemp and the power of the whole plant and dispelling misconceptions surrounding cannabis. It encourages listeners to conduct their own research and engage in conversations about the plant’s potential benefits. The goal is to destigmatize cannabis and promote its use as a natural and holistic medicine.

In conclusion, the podcast episode will provide you valuable insights into the historical significance and healing potential of cannabis. By embracing the whole plant in its raw form, individuals can tap into its full power and experience the miracles it can bring to their lives as it did for the Benton’s. 

Remember, the healing power of the miracle plant lies in its raw, whole plant form. Embrace the potential of cannabis and join us in spreading the word about its incredible benefits. Together, we can heal the world.

To learn more you can click below to listen to this episode of the Miracle Plant podcast:

Note: This blog post is based on a podcast episode transcript and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional before using cannabis or any other medicinal plant.


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