• Supports Calm and Tranquility*

    Does your dog hate being left alone? Do they seem to get more agitated than the average dog in common situations? This miracle plant can help in supporting calm and tranquility in the most anxious of pups.

  • Can Improve Joint Fluidity and Movement in Hips*

    All dogs are susceptible to stiffening joints and hips, especially larger canines. As they age, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing them supplements that will improve joint health. This miracle plant can be the answer you’ve been looking for.

  • Can Aid in Relief from Discomfort*

    As parents, we can’t stand seeing our babies in any sort of discomfort. Though our dogs can’t express in words what they’re going through…we know. Give this miracle plant a chance to bring your dog the relief they’re looking for.

CBD for pets

Such great customer service, and patience with all of my questions too! Thank you from me and my pups!

Lauren Blake


Really helped our Boxer with being hyper and anxiety.




buy cbd oil for dogs

Human Grade Raw CBDa for Your Pup

Quality is our number one goal at 101 Hemp, and that extends to our raw CBDa oil for dogs. Our pet line contains the exact same raw CBDa oil that we use in our oil for humans. With control over the seed to shelf process, you can rest assured that the oil will have no pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, microbials or mycotoxins. That’s a fancy way of saying, this stuff is quality. We offer only raw, whole plant full spectrum, organic CBDa, maintaining all of the 113 cannabinoids and 512 plant constituents of this miracle plant…because nature knows best!

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Additional Information

Comes in a Delicious, All Natural Bacon Flavor

Our Bacon flavor is Vegetarian

Can be ordered with or without organic, raw stevia (just mention in the Notes at Checkout)

We suggest applying the oil under the tongue but adding to food is also an option (at an increased dose)

For optimum results, use twice daily

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