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Hemp🌱 has been mentioned throughout one of the most influential literature we have — the Holy Bible✝️.

Hemp has been used for a multitude of reasons for centuries.

For thousands of years, the miracle plant’s amazing healing properties have been used by so many civilizations. But unfortunately, today there are so many negative connotations and stigmas associated with it. My mission is to educate 1 Billion people by 2025 about the miracle plant and everything it can do for us, and one of the only ways we can help change perception about CBD and Hemp is by continuing to spread the truth about its history and uses.

If you’ve been listening to our Miracle Plant Podcast, you may have heard recent episodes where we discussed this topic in detail. But if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, please do so:

Hemp is mentioned several times throughout one of the oldest pieces of literature we have — the Holy Bible.

In Exodus 3:1–14, Moses encounters the spirit of God in a flame coming out of a bush. During Moses’ conversation with the Almighty, God tells him how to make an anointing oil. This concoction combines cinnamon, olive oil, and kaneh bosm. When you break down the term kaneh bosm, you’ll notice that “kaneh” means hemp, and “bosm” stands for aromatic.

But why are we just now discovering all this?

Unfortunately, the places in the Bible that discussed hemp and its healing properties were removed from scripture in 367 AD when the Romans decided which scriptures to leave in the Bible and which ones to leave out like Phillip’s.

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946 it shed light on so much firsthand testimony about the cannabis/hemp and it’s use in healing the sick & anointing oil.  

One reason for this because translators mistranslated the word “kaneh bosm” to “calamus”, a marsh plant with no known uses or benefits when they translated the original Hebrew text to Greek. No one knows for sure if this mistranslation was intentional or accidental. As a result billions of people today are unaware of the powerful uses of hemp and how it can help them.

However, things are starting to change as more research comes to light. For example, a Polish Anthropologist, Sula Benet, wrote an essay in 1967 titled “Early Diffusion and Folk Uses of Hemp.” In her writing, she discusses the mistranslation of the word kaneh bosm and provides examples throughout the Old Testament to support her argument that kaneh bosm references cannabis/hemp.

Furthermore, she explores the historical use of cannabis in various cultures and argues that the plant has been long neglected in scientific literature.

When I read Benet’s article, several points stood out to me. The first being that kaneh bosm is mistranslated to calamus in various chapters throughout the Bible. Several examples include:

Jeremiah 6:20, Ezekiel 27:19, and Song of Songs 4:14. Secondly, I discovered that in the Old Testament, hemp or kaneh bosm was used as incense for religious celebration in the temples of Assyria and Babylon.

And finally, the Hebrews have a religious requirement when burying their loved ones when they pass away. They must be buried in “kaneh” shirts — once again demonstrating the reverence past cultures had for this sacred plant.

The list goes on when looking at how hemp was used during ancient times and within the Old Testament. If you look at Scythian Culture, you’ll notice that their term for cannabis and the terms “kaneh bosm” or “kaanabus” in Hebrew law are very similar because they are one in the same.  Hemp/Cannabis🌱 has been around helping & healing people for thousands of years.

To further strengthen this notion, we evolved alongside hemp to the point where we have CBD receptors in our brains & bodies called endocannabinoid system. Our bodies recognize and use cannabis to treat physical injuries and neurological disorders. So, why aren’t more doctors and health practitioners  using the miracle plant’s natural properties to promote healing? It’s because THE MIRACLE PLANT and its benefits were erased from history.

Since we can’t go back and change the past, (unless you have a deLorean and 1.21 Gigowatts of electricity) all we can do is continue to share the truth about hemp and its healing properties. Your friends at 101Hemp.org will be here to continue to highlight the incredible benefits hemp offers.

So, continue doing your own research, keep asking questions of your health practitioners — you’ll be amazed at what you can discover and how this MIRACLE PLANT can help restore your health.


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