Unveiling the Ancient History of Cannabis: A Journey with Cannabis Biblical Expert Chris Bennett

CBD History

In a recent episode of the Miracle Plant podcast, Chris Bennett, the renowned author of “Cannabis, the Lost Sacrament of the Ancient World,” delved into the fascinating history of cannabis and its significance in ancient cultures. With over 35 years of research and five books on the subject, Chris Bennett is considered an expert in understanding the historical uses of cannabis.

The Discovery of Kaneh Bosm

One of the key highlights of the podcast episode was the discussion around the term “Kaneh Bosm” in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament. Chris Bennett explained how the term was mistranslated into calamus when the Hebrew texts were translated into Greek for the Septuagint. This mistranslation within the history of cannabis has led to confusion and controversy among scholars for centuries.

Cannabis in Ancient Rituals and Medicine

Chris Bennett shared insights into the ritualistic and medicinal uses of cannabis in ancient cultures. From the burning of cannabis at funerary rituals to the preparation of cannabis-infused wines, the plant has a long history of being integrated into various practices. The discovery of cannabis-infused oils and resins at an 8th-century BCE site in Israel further solidified the plant’s role in ancient rituals.

The Future of Cannabis Research

As the conversation delved into the modern-day implications of cannabis research, Chris Bennett emphasized the importance of continued exploration and education around the plant. With the increasing acceptance of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes, there is a growing need for accurate information and understanding of its historical significance.

Conclusion: Healing the World with Cannabis

In conclusion, Chris Bennett’s extensive research and insights into the ancient history of cannabis shed light on the plant’s profound impact on human culture and spirituality. As we strive to heal the world with the power of cannabis, it is essential to embrace its rich history and potential for positive transformation.

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Let’s continue to heal the world with cannabis and unlock its potential for a better future with plants over pills.


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