CBD and CBDa both interact with the endocannabinoid system to produce a few very positive results. Here are a few that we have learned so far.

  • Pain Relief

    Cytokines are proteins that cause inflammation. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system to reduce pain by acting on receptors that block the production of these inflammation-inducing cytokines. This allows your body’s natural process of producing endocannabinoids (such as anandamide or 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG)) to continue uninterrupted, all while reducing inflammation at the same time.

    CBD and CBDa have been documented to relieve many different types of pain, ranging from arthritis and soreness to nausea and vomiting. These compounds have also shown promise in alleviating pain associated with multiple sclerosis, such as chronic fatigue, spasticity, and pain. CBD has been used to help cancer patients manage their symptoms, and it has helped individuals with PTSD find relief mentally.

  • Balance

    The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors, proteins, and enzymes that work together to maintain homeostasis (in other words, balance) in your body. It also helps regulate certain processes such as appetite, sleep, and pain response. When you consume CBD, it interacts with these receptors in order to reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Mood Booster

    In addition to reducing inflammation, CBD has been shown to interact with other neurotransmitters like serotonin or dopamine by stimulating the CB1 receptor sites on neurons located within the central nervous system (CNS). This can result in improvements in mood disorders such as anxiety or depression; however, more research is needed before we understand exactly how this happens at an atomic level.

    While boosting your mood might not seem like it relieves pain, a relaxed body does have physiological impacts (such as a reduced heart rate). Feeling good internally can help you feel good physically.

cbda for pain

My husband has suffered with arthritic pain in his back for decades. Since he began taking CBD orally each night (starting July 2019), he has been pain free…24/7!



I have continued using 101 CBD products over the past year and I am still as pleased with this amazing product as when I began! I still have post herpetic nerve damage that will flare occasionally but I am also still amazed when I use a dropper of Alleviate, the pain is GONE within 10 minutes!

In addition, my husband started using 101 CBD following prostate cancer surgery for the antioxidant benefit and continues to have clear blood tests for cancer activity. This Thanksgiving I just have to acknowledge my gratitude to Justin, Janet and their crew for their hard work. Wishing you continued success!



cbda for pain

CBD and CBDA interaction with the endocannabinoids can also boost your immune and nervous systems. Supplementing your diet with CBD or CBDA oil can help not only relieve pain but also restore balance within this system so that you feel better overall.

  • Higher Energy

    That feeling of not being able to keep up can be discouraging. Your mind tells you, “Yes”! Your body tells you, “No”. Get your body to respond the way you know it can. That youthful step is just moments away!

  • Better Wellness

    Finding homeostasis in your body is key to achieving maximum wellness. Homeostasis is essentially balance. When things hurt or don’t work correctly in your body, something is off balance. Get back in balance! Improve your overall wellness!

  • Deeper Sleep

    Deep sleep is crucial for skin and cell renewal, hormonal regulation, and growth. Without quality deep sleep, your immune system won’t be as strong, you will be more prone to depression and/or unnecessary weight gain. Give your body the sleep it deserves and feel the effects of improved sleep in your daily life.

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