The 101 Hemp Customer – Do You Fit the Mold?

Our clientele strives for truth, has been beaten down by conventional medicine and is ready for a change. They know nature knows best and want to give this miracle plant a chance to help them get back to the body and mind they know and love. 

A 101 Hemp customer has done their research. They realize not all CBD is created equal. Most have tried a variety of CBD products and have been less than impressed. From parents dealing with the stress of raising kids to students needing more mental focus to improve their grades, from grandparents trying to keep up with their spirited grandkids to young children reeling from the affects of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, from veterans dealing with the after-effects of war to devoted dog parents looking to improve the last few years of their fur baby’s life – they come from all walks of life. 

The question remains…why all the hype when the results just don’t quite add up? We have the answer. 


Research has emerged over the last few years pointing cannabis enthusiasts to something the industry calls Raw CBD (CBDa). At a very basic level, when you heat up Raw CBDa, you get CBD. Most companies sell CBD products because it’s cheaper and easier to make. They isolate the CBD cannabinoid, creating a product referred to as an “isolate”. With close to 150 different cannabinoids occurring naturally in this miracle plant (CBD and THC being two of them), scientists discovered a process called the Entourage Effect where all cannabinoids work together to produce healing results inside our bodies. When companies isolate CBD, the vast benefits of this Entourage Effect disappear. When we extract CBDa from the hemp plant, we use a unique sub-critical extraction method which is a cold extraction that allows the CBDa to stay in tact. Generally, when companies extract their CBD, it is at a very high temperature, burning off the acid or the “a” and making it decarboxylated or, more simply, CBD. Again, this limits the overall healing properties of the final extracted product and could be why you are not finding the positive results you were looking for. 

We like to compare our Raw CBDa product to freshly squeezed orange juice, whereas straight CBD products are more like powdered Tang. The over-processing of the hemp plant kills a large percentage of the important plant constituents that contribute to the overall healing benefits of the plant. By using this cold extraction, we are able to maintain the flavonoids, lipids, cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, and the like, all contributing to the powerhouse of healing found in our raw products. 


CBDa Is The Solution!

CBDa has anti-inflammatory properties. It is generally accepted that inflammation is at the root of a wide range of body issues. Inflammation can be visible to the eye with some conditions such as arthritis. The ability to reduce inflammation at the deepest levels throughout the body, can lead to a reduction in discomfort.

CBDa has documented effects on nerve tissues. Nerve damage can occur in the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves and is called neuro-degeneration. The classification includes multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain injury. CBDa offers neuro-protective and neurogenesis properties through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions. As the variety of receptors and complex interactions of CBDa in the body are further documented, more of the working mechanisms of CBDa will be discovered. But let’s focus on the incredible ability of CBDa to assist neurogenesis- or re-building the nerves! Research has found this ability with studies of Alzheimer’s, peripheral nerve pain, migraines, and even autism. Stay tuned for more amazing developments with CBDa and nerve issues.

CBDa has homeostasis or balancing properties throughout all body systems. From the amount of lipids on the skin, to chemical reactions in the brain, the balancing properties vary from simple to complex. CBDa interacts with the endocannabinoid system directly and indirectly, plus a wide variety of other receptors such as the serotonin and dopamine receptors.

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What Others Are Saying…


Wonderful product! This CBD literally saved my life. It got me off my horrible anti-seizure medication, Keppra. Not only has it suppressed my seizures, but it helped me get through the horrible drug withdrawal when I weaned of Keppra (tremors, anxiety, dizziness, headache and nausea). I can’t say enough about how great this company and product are. I use the Chill XX in chocolate flavor, without Stevia. The benefits of using this company over others is that the CBD is hemp derived, raw, unprocessed, organic and full spectrum (meaning it has multiple types of cannabinoids). Also, the owner, Justin, is so knowledgable, friendly and super helpful! I am so grateful to have found this company, and can’t thank you enough!




I started using CBD oil on my chest that had years of sun damage and random basal cell carcinomas. I had regular doctors appointments to have them removed, but since using this oil on my chest, the skin has cleared, the damage has almost healed and I haven’t been to the doctor since. It really does work as a topical to heal the damaged cells. I also now use it to treat my dog who has spindle cell cancer, and he is holding his own, not getting worse and not showing any sign of pain or being uncomfortable, all done with an easy dosage daily in his food. The folks at 101 CBD are extremely knowledgable, and instrumental in keeping me stocked, their products are raw, organic, full spectrum and CA grown, highly recommend them!



raw relief roll-on

Raw Relief CBD Roll-On

Our 101 CBD Raw Relief CBD Roll-On has become a customer favorite. With the handy roll-on applicator, ease of application is much improved. Jam packed with the highest quality organic ingredients in a hemp oil base, this full spectrum CBD topical is not only effective, it gives you that cool, menthol feeling that feels great on your skin.

CBD Sublingual Oil

Alleviate X Sublingual Oil

Our Alleviate CBD Oil is combined with the highest quality Organic White Willow Bark which accentuates the “alleviate” factor. Our X potency is 800mg of cannabinoids high in CBDa (the raw version of CBD). Give it a try and let us know how it treats you!

raw relief cbd topical

Raw Relief CBD Topical 

Our Raw Relief CBD Topical has become a customer favorite. Jam packed with the highest quality organic ingredients in a hemp oil base, this full spectrum CBD topical is not only effective, it smells delicious and feels great on your skin.